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In Honor of Restart Inc.'s 25th Anniverary - 2011 

In 1984, our 20-year-old son sustained a serious traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident. At the time, there were few resources for persons with a brain injury following their initial hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Luckily, we were members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral. Seeing our dilemma in the care of our son and the plight of other young people with brain injuries living in nursing homes, Canon Rona Harding of the Cathedral staff called together a committee of parishioners to research options for community living. My husband and I were part of this steering committee. When the committee decided to develop a group home, we worked very hard to make that happen.

We formed a nonprofit corporation and with initial funding from the Wells Foundation of St. Mark’s and with major support from the McKnight Foundation and other fundraising efforts, we were able to purchase the Aldrich Avenue house in 1986. Valour Resources was hired to manage the group home and Cleone Greip was hired as the first program director. Our son Bill was the first resident.

Now, 25 years later, we are proud to see how Restart, Inc. has grown. It is simply amazing to see everything they have accomplished and the impact Restart has had on so many lives. It is truly immeasurable and the result of the hard work and generosity of many, many good people.

Restart has grown to mean so much to so many over the last 25 years. Here’s to another 25 and beyond! Please, I urge you to donate generously.

Ellie Hands
Founding Member of Restart, Inc.